Affinity at Serangoon Condo – Exact Site & Showflat Location

  • Affinity at Serangoon condominium exact site will be at 128 Serangoon North Ave 1 that is former Serangoon Ville.

  • Affinity at Serangoon showflat is currently under construction and will the location of the show suites will be announced in a later date. Register early to keep updated
Affinity at Serangoon Showflat, Affinity at Serangoon Show gallery, Affinity at Serangoon Show suites

5 Things To Take Note Before Visiting Affinity at Serangoon Show Gallery

Before planning your trip to Affinity at Serangoon showflat you need to take your financial stability in account. Here is a to-do list before planning your purchase for Affinity at Serangoon.

  • Check on how much CPF you are able to use for the Affinity at Serangoon purchase.
  • Speak to a banker to find out how much you are eligible to loan based on your current property portfolio and monthly financial commitments.
  • Know exactly which ABSD bracket you fall into.
  • Understand how the Normal Progressive Payment Scheme works.
  • Understanding how the Balloting system works.
Affinity at Serangoon Showflat, Affinity at Serangoon Show gallery, Affinity at Serangoon Show suites

More Read Up About Steps Before Visiting Affinity at Serangoon Condominium Show Suites/gallery

CPF Usage for Affinity at Serangoon:

For the first time property buyer, the maximum amount of CPF you can use your Ordinary Account (OA) funds. But for the second property, you will have to ensure that you fulfill the minimum sum of $75,000 in your combined OA and Special Account (SA).

Housing loan for Affinity at Serangoon condo:

Through your AIP, you can easily know how much your bank is willing to pay for your property loan. For this, they will need your past records of bills and loans.

Additional Buyer Stamp Duty (ABSD):

For Singaporeans, first property will be free of any ABSD. But after that they will be taxed. For Permanent Residents, your initial property purchase will be taxed. For Foreigners and Entities, your property purchases will be taxed 15% on the price of each property.

Understanding the Normal Progressive Payment Scheme (NPS) for Affinity at Serangoon by Oxley

This includes:

  • Payment of 5% cash to the developer for the Option to Purchase (OTP).
  • Upon date of receipt of the S&P, you will have 3 weeks to exercise the contract, if not, 75% fee paid will be refunded
  • Stamp Duty and ABSD will be payable within 14 days
  • The remaining payment is payable within 8 weeks

The Balloting Process for purchase of Affinity Serangoon

A preview period would be allocated for buyers who can register for a non-obligatory seat during launch date. The discounts and favors are also given for purchasers during launch date. Your legal documents are also required.